South East Airconditioning Services

South East Airconditioning mission, is to provide the highest possible standards and customer service to all customers, through ongoing training & development. This ensures our employees are up to date with technologies and customer service requirements, performing repairs and or service for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Domestic, commercial & industrial markets
  • Preventative maintenance
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Mechanical Services
  • Testing of smoke control & exhaust systems
  • Computer rooms
  • BMS (Building Monitoring Service)
  • Chillers
  • Basic inspection report
  • Plant replacement
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Duct cleaning
  • Air quality measurement
  • Boiler management/cleaning
  • Fire damper Inspections & Auditing
  • Thermal Imaging


South East Airconditioning has a dedicated team to carry out services to all types and brands of air conditioning units for all Residential applications.

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Split Systems:

Single split systems are the ideal option for providing Air conditioning comfort to a single room or area. Consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit, virtually positioned anywhere External. It Combines Modern–technology, slim designs and ultra quiet operations Dramatically increasing the chance of Air conditioning any room at any time.

Reverse cycle inverter models are most common and prove most cost effective as it provides heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Whether it be a bedroom, living area or function room etc, our extensive knowledge guarantee on providing you with the best suited Air Conditioning system to meet your special needs and Requirements. If you would like to Air condition more than 1 room At once take a look at the multi system or ducted system options.

Inverter models

Most popular are Reverse cycle Inverter Systems, they handle greater extremes and provide energy savings by only using the required amount of power necessary whilst increasing comfort levels. Advanced inverter technology guarantee lower sound levels and smoother operations by the compressor constantly varying its speed ensuring the outdoor unit only uses the required amount of power needed at any 1 time, saving you money!

Multi Systems:

Multi systems are ideal for providing Air conditioning comfort to separate sections of the home or office. With 1 single outdoor unit and up to 4 indoor head units all individually controlled guarantees there is a perfect indoor solution for your needs. Minimising the use of outdoor space Multi Air conditioning systems are the ideal choice for units, apartments and residential homes with restricted roof, underfloor or balcony space. Reverse cycle Inverter type systems are most popular as they provide both cooling and heating options, and use only the required amount of power needed making multi systems extremely efficient and economical to operate.

Why not Book a NO OBLIGATION FREE QUOTE with South East Airconditioning Now!

Benefits are:

  • Design to meet your requirements
  • Free expert advice at no charge
  • We come to you at your convenience
  • We supply and install all major brands
  • We walk through the entire installation in easy to understand terms
  • We recommend the best suited locations for best results
  • You can receive a Full 5 year Installation Warranty
  • We supply, we install, we maintain.

Ducted Systems:

Would you like to Air condition your whole home or office at once?

Ducted Air Conditioning Consist of an indoor and outdoor unit, Air flow comes from the indoor fan unit positioned either in the roof space or underfloor. Custom designed and professionally installed duct than connect to strategically situated ceiling, wall or floor outlets throughout your home or office providing generous amounts of Air conditioned air to each room.

Ducted systems are the most economical way to provide comfort to your home or office all year round. Reverse cycle models (cooling and heating) guarantee the harshest of outdoor whether can simply be forgotten as you control your indoor environment across your whole home or office, at your desire!

Comfort in each part of your home is only a phone call away, let our experienced team come to you and custom design a system that best suits you and your special requirements.


Some examples of zoning are:

1: Living, Kitchen and Dining Room
2: Bedrooms
3: Formal Dining & Living area

We will discuss with you your preferences and share our knowledge in providing you with the best possible zoning to suit your special requirements.

Benefits are:

  • Years of experience with ducted systems
  • We Design to meet your requirements
  • You receive free expert advice at no charge
  • We come to you at your convenience
  • We supply and install all major brands
  • We walk through the entire installation in easy to understand terms
  • We recommend the best suited locations for best results
  • You can receive a Full 5 year Installation Warranty
  • We supply, we install, we maintain, No hassles!


South East Airconditioning provide a compressive range of Airconditioning services to the Commercial markets in inner Brisbane and surrounding areas.

  • Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs

We install for a wide range of commercial applications including:- Factories, fast food outlets, service stations, distribution warehouses, offices and office buildings, hotels, schools, colleges, universities, aged care facilities, hospitals, pubs, clubs, clean rooms and computer rooms.

We are able to complete commercial contracts across the whole of the Brisbane metropolitan area. Our team can therefore offer quick commercial site visits and quotes for all air conditioning installations for existing and new commercial clients.

Our goal is to set and maintain the highest standards with all our Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation work. We offer a full range of services for your air conditioning units including Installation, Repairs, Servicing and Maintenance to ensure that you receive the optimum performance from your air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration units for years to come.

Whatever your requirements we guarantee a prompt response, competent survey, fit for purpose design and competitive pricing.


South East Airconditioning maintenance programs are designed to protect the physical& financial investment of your heating, ventilation & air-conditioning system.

Through ongoing maintenance you:

  • Improve system reliability and efficiency
  • Extend the working life of plant
  • Reduce operation costs

We aim to create cost effective maintenance strategies for all types of applications and provide highly skilled staff, who endeavour to create solutions suited to your workplace.

At South East Airconditioning we offer maintenance programs for all types of applications.

  • Industrial complexes
  • Commercial offices and buildings
  • Residential high rise
  • Shopping centres
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Small retail stores